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The construction industry has already recognised the advantages of natural light for many years.

We use the Cintralux® barrel vaults and they offer the perfect solution :

Barrel Vaults

  • Entirely self-supporting for spans up to 4 m width and limitless in the length
  • Simple, fast assembly on the basis of standard elements.
  • Self-supporting construction calculated according to the current norms for wind and snow load
  • Suitable for the construction of new buildings as well as for refurbishment
  • Extremely high chemical resistance, adjusted to an industrial environment
  • Self-cleaning
  • High and permanent light performance with equal spread of light
  • Perfectly suitable to incorporate Cintramax CE SHE
  • Smoke and Heat Extraction) EN 12101-2
  • Hailproof: 20 years hailproof guarantee against normal hail damage
  • Attractive price = with respect of the budget
  • Meets the European norm ENV 1187

The infallible barrel vault for the industry

1. Sheets

The Cintralux® GRP barrel vault is composed of moulded and centred transparent sheets, which interlock. These sheets are fixed in a single- or double- walled way.

The choice of the sheets is determined upon the desired purpose. You can make your choice by using the  streamschemes for the outer sheet (OS) and the inner sheet (IS). If you opt for 1200 Joule, both the IS and OS must be of the type 1200 Joule. All the outer sheets are standard manufactured in Longlife.

2. End panels
The end panels are manufactured in the same glassfibre reinforced resins as these of the sheets, but in opaque. You can opt for single- or double- walled end panels. The latter are insulated with 20 mm PU-foam.

3. Assembly accessories
The needed assembly accessories are also delivered, depending upon the type of curb (timber or metal), including the
decay - free sealing tape in PE. If you use a non-bituminous roof membrane, we recommend the “Z”-assembly. The
manufacturer delivers also the assembly accessories for the end panels.


  1. Barrel vaults give 3x more light than a similar surface in vertical glazing
  2. Barrel vaults ensure an optimal spread of light
  3. Natural light is free: you regain the purchase of the Cintralux® within 5 years
  4. Natural light increases productivity

The Composite Barrel Vault “à la carte”


All the outer sheets of the Cintralux® GRP are always manufactured in Longlife. The Longlife barrel vault offers you
all the advantages of the composite barrel vault and ensures the preservation of the initial colour- and light transmission.

When using the coextrusion PET-film with the extreme UV-stable top layer, the Cintralux® barrel vault keeps its
aesthetical aspect even after many years of outside exposure. Moreover, the surface remains very shiny, which gives
a self-cleaning effect when it rains.

ENV 1187

The barrel vault, which meets the new European fire norm.

1200 JOULE

Many European countries demand permanent security for maintenance personnel on roofs. The severest regulations
rule in France and Switzerland, where the barrel vaults must resist an energy of 1200 Joule. This energy is caused by
a weight of 50 kg falling from a height of 2,4 m on the barrel vault. The Cintralux® GRP 1200 Joule withstands this
test with brio. (PV N° 2322.8-047 CEBTP)


When a better climate is requested, you can opt for Heatstop. With the addition of heat-resistant additives to the composite resins, the extreme summer heat is tempered. The Heatstop gives a noticeable difference of heat accumulation in your building. You can easily recognise the reflective Heatstop shell on its pearl colour.

You find a completely renewed look on the barrel vault Cintralux® GRP Coolgreen. The Cintralux® GRP Coolgreen
turns your space into a haven of peace. The pleasant green incidence of light provides a restful aspect. People are
known to work better in such an environment. This improves both the atmosphere and productivity. The Cintralux®
GRP Coolgreen operates as a filter because of its colour. Certain wavelengths, which cause heating, are stopped. The
Cintralux® GRP Coolgreen gives your building a “fresh” aspect.

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