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Thermally Broken Aluminium Skylights

What does thermally broken mean?

Our system is one of the most thermally effi cient systems available on the market. Both internal and external components are completely isolated from each other by means of either polyamide strip, thermal barriers, insulation
and isolators, so there are no cold bridges, thus reducing temperature transfer to a bare minimum.

Please make sure you notice these features when comparing us to other ‘so called’ thermally broken roof systems that are available on the market.

Another key feature bespoke to our system is that both the glass and glazing bar system does not project outside our eaves beam, i.e. reducing a cold bridge even further.

With lower thermal U values in mind our standard glazing material is 28mm double glazed units, with a centre pane U value of 1.2 W/m2. This U value can be further reduced to an outstanding 0.7 W/m2 by using 50mm triple glazed option (dependant on roof style).

Pyramid Skylights

For further details download our Pyramid Skylight Brochure here

Pyramid Skylights

Octagon Skylights

For further details download our Octagon Skylight Brochure here

Double Hip Skylight

For further details download our Double Hip Skylight Brochure here

Lantern Skylight

For further details download our Lantern Skylight Brochure here

 Double Hip Lantern