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Skylux Window

Skylux iWindow2™
The double-glazed skylight that gives superior insulation

New at Skylux: the flat skylight with a sleek, contemporary design. Skylux iWindow2™ boasts superior insulation with a Ug value of 1,0 W/ m².K, thanks to the compact, insulated PVC frame, in combination with the super-insulation safety glass HR++. You can save up to 63% in energy, compared to a double-walled dome, while enjoying maximum daylight.

1 dome sm

Key benefits of Skylux iWindow2™:

Can be used in all flat roofs with a roof inclination between 5° and 15°

Is safe thanks to the tempered double glazing

Is easy to clean and burglar-proof

Is perfectly waterproof and airtight

Can be integrated in the roof, thanks to the slim, flat 28mm frame.



Skylux iWindow3™
The high-insulation skylight with triple-layered glazing. 

The new Skylux iWindow3™ provides the best possible insulation with the neatest look. This flat skylight is super-insulated - with a Ut value of 0,5 W/m².K - thanks to the compact insulated PVC frame and triple-layered safety glazing HR+++.

pic Skylux iWindow3

Key benefits of Skylux iWindow3™:

It can be used in all flat roofs with a roof inclination between 2° and 15°

It’s safe thanks to the tempered triple glazing

It’s soundproof to 41 dB

It’s easy to clean and burglar-proof

It can be integrated in the roof thanks to the fine, flat 55mm frame

Standard sizes Skylux iWindow2™ and iWindow3™

60 x 60 cm

80 x 80 cm

90 x 90 cm

100 x 100 cm

120 x 120 cm

100 x 150 cm




Skylux iDome™

The new Skylux iDome™ offers the perfect insulation with maximum light diffusion. The dome frame consists of a compact, insulated PVC frame and high-insulation safety glass HR++. The Skylux iDome™ can be combined with all types of Skylux domes.

pic Skylux iDome

Key benefits of Skylux iDome™:

Suited for all flat roofs with a roof inclination between 0° and 25°

Easy to clean and burglar-proof

Quickly and easily mounted

Is perfectly waterproof and airtight

Standard sizes Skylux iDome™

60 x 60 cm

80 x 80 cm

90 x 90 cm

100 x 100 cm

120 x 120 cm

100 x 150 cm

The Skylux® Window can be used for refurbishment and/or in new situations. The Skylux® Window is compatible with every dome and curb of the Skylux® range (consult the available sizes at the back) : from the single-walled to the 4-walled or the superinsulating EP dome. This way, you can determine yourself the insulation value Ut to 0,43 W/m².K. The handy “refurbishment” curb 35/30 gives extra insulation and makes it possible to built over the existing curb without any demolition. An important asset to realise a perfect roof refurbishment.

Aesthetic solution

The Skylux® Window comes in a fixed or openable version with an invisible in-built motor. The opening can be set continuously to 240 mm with the delivered remote control.

Numerous possibilities

Led lights : your Skylux® dome provides you natural daylight during the day, where at night, you can enjoy the economical LED lights, installed in the roof opening or the curb. Insect screen: keeps annoying insects outside.


Skylux AOV / SHE

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Skylux AOV

Ventilation, smoke and heat extraction
The Skylux® 160° CE skylight opens in one fast and smooth movement to 140° or 160° through a 24V electric motor with a patented rotor. The dome opens steplessly to every wished ventilation position or to full smokevent (SHE) position. The Skylux® 160°CE smoke hatch dome meets the European norm EN 12101-2 and the NBN S21-208 norm, and has a CE certificate, required for SHE systems in Europe.

The new Skylux® Window frame improves the insulation value of the Skylux® 160° CE system. Thanks to the additional 25 mm multi-walled polycarbonate sheet fixed underneath the dome in the superinsulating PVC frame, a top insulation value is obtained in this product segmentation.

100% thermal rupture
Since the curb, the frame and the dome are made of long-lasting synthetic materials (PVC and PMMA or PC), is the loss of heat reduced to a minimum. Synthetic materials hold back the cold. Therefore, we advise you to use a PVC curb in combination with insulating products.

Skylux® quick mounting concept
Thanks to a fully pre-assembled system, the concept of the 160° CE can be classified in the quick-mounting system. There is no need to assemble elements on the roof. You only have to fix the curb with motor and frame over the roof opening and screw the dome on the frame. Finish the sealing of the system and take care of its connection. You can use every dome and curb of the Skylux® product range.




Skylux Domes and Upstands

PVCu curb
A PVCu curb is the most economical way of mounting your skylight on the roof. The closed chamber construction of the curb offers good thermal stability and an excellent insulation value. PVCu curbs are extremely suited to
install different opening systems.

Reinforced polyester
For years glass fibre reinforced polyester has been the obvious material for use with any type of classic roof design. Polyester curbs are stable, retain their shape and are hard-wearing. They are also strong enough to carry a variety of opening mechanisms.

Special Executions
Skylux® also offers a polyester curb provided with a ventilator. The ideal curb for rooms where ventilation is most welcome: meeting rooms, garages, club rooms.
Other special curbs can be obtained on request: north facing curb, corrugated sheet curb.

Metal curb
For industrial purposes, these curbs are fabricated of galvanized steel plate. The rectangular curbs are already provided with an insulative layer which may be asphalted. All the metal curbs can be obtained featuring burglar bars.

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